Monday, September 11, 2017

Library as a place of History

This last weekend was Barron Fall Fest. It was a great weekend and the weather was spectacular. There was much to do and see. The skate park celebrated their 10th anniversary. One picture I saw was of a few of the skaters looking through scrapbooks of when the skate park was started. What a great way to share memories and the building of the skate park.

Getting ready for Barron Fall Fest I stumbled across some scrapbooks of Barron Farm and Feather Fest. The history they contain was something that could not be replaced. We have many things in the Library that have a story about history tied to them. The Eagle in the Library has been here for generations. The Carnegie portion of the building is over 100 years old. And then there are the books.

Books about the Library and Community are in the Wisconsin History Area. Books about the region can also be found there. We have some of the old Barron High School year books and also the Centennial history of Barron. Lots of books throughout the Library contain history of not just the region but of the Midwest, the USA and the World. In our system we have even more books that talk about history.

Currently in our bestsellers DVD area we have the movie Dunkirk ... no not the newest one but the BBC Documentary about Dunkirk. When we want to learn or know more about history, a Library is a great place to go and do some digging for reading treasure.

Look online or come in and browse to find books about you favorite time or decade in History -
Happy Reading!