Monday, August 28, 2017

Getting Ready for Fall -

The rainy weekend was a reminder that fall is coming. Do you have a Fall Reading List? Are there certain types of books you like to read when Autumn comes?

September for the Bookclub@BarronPL is Wisconsin Author month. We read books that have been written by Wisconsin Authors. Many times they are set in Wisconsin or in areas similar to Wisconsin. (Is there really any place better than Wisconsin?)

October is a month for many who like the scary, thriller, or mystery story. A good scary book at Halloween can make the holiday even better or just scarier.

November is a good month to read about being Thankful or a good story about families. Also a the time to check out those cookbooks for delicious food recipes to add to your holiday table.

Christmas time is a great time to give the gifts of books and read holiday stories set in a this time of year.

Whether you set up a list of books to read in the fall, continue to read your TBR pile (To Be Read) or just pick books off the shelves as you browse your Library - All reading is good.

Happy Fall Reading!

Monday, August 21, 2017


Are you a series reader? Do you like to reread a series to refresh your memory or to just go back to those good memories you have of reading a series?

Currently I am rereading a series I read over a decade ago. Now it is a TV series and has even more books in it than when I started reading that long ago time. Why reread this series? I remember parts of it but not all of it. I like the characters and story line and it brings me back to a happy place in my reading world. It is familiar but still new in places to me as a reader. I am finding the hidden gems I missed the first time and rediscovering those I did uncover.

I know of others who read the same series every summer or read a special book at the holidays or just have that special edition of that series that changed their world. Whatever reason you first read that series still exists today. It is good to go back and visit favorite books in the reading world.

The series above I have read and have also read many other series. I love series and being able to follow the characters through their created world in the words on the page.

What is your favorite series or favorite book that you go back to when you need a touch of the comfortable and familiar in your reading world?

Whatever it is pick it up and start Reading! Its good to read some books many times.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Where do you get your knowledge? 

Once upon an idea popped up on your screen and made you think ... I can do that ... I wonder how that works?.. Where did that occur and when?... I didn't know that. 

Where can you find more information to answer those questions that you have now asked yourself? 

Google would work but do you know the source of that information and does it leave you with more questions.

The person next door that happens to be an expert on the subject. Yes that does happen but not for everything. 

If you want a source that knows what they are talking about, can give you more resources and can answer questions you may have not even thought about yet ... Read a book!

Whether it is non-fiction and you use the index to take you directly to what you are looking for or read a whole book that is based around the fact you are wanting to learn about  - a book can take you there. 

The other wonderful part of this reading tale... Come to the Library - It is free and we are willing to share the knowledge we have with you and give you the chance to check it out and read more.

What is that question you are looking to find the answers to or explore more?  

Come visit us at the Barron Public Library - New opening time is 9:00 am Monday - Saturday