Monday, August 14, 2017

Where do you get your knowledge? 

Once upon an idea popped up on your screen and made you think ... I can do that ... I wonder how that works?.. Where did that occur and when?... I didn't know that. 

Where can you find more information to answer those questions that you have now asked yourself? 

Google would work but do you know the source of that information and does it leave you with more questions.

The person next door that happens to be an expert on the subject. Yes that does happen but not for everything. 

If you want a source that knows what they are talking about, can give you more resources and can answer questions you may have not even thought about yet ... Read a book!

Whether it is non-fiction and you use the index to take you directly to what you are looking for or read a whole book that is based around the fact you are wanting to learn about  - a book can take you there. 

The other wonderful part of this reading tale... Come to the Library - It is free and we are willing to share the knowledge we have with you and give you the chance to check it out and read more.

What is that question you are looking to find the answers to or explore more?  

Come visit us at the Barron Public Library - New opening time is 9:00 am Monday - Saturday

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